Stalk's Seven Steps to Celebrate Father's Day the Sustainable Way

  1. Wake Dad up to fresh-brewed coffee served in a reusable cup or tumbler. Not a coffee drinker? Try a smoothie with an elixir boost to keep your favourite guy healthy. Bonus: have the newspaper ready.
  2. Set out a selection of luxury plastic-free and reusable grooming products (we love a black razor, shaving soap and a brush, and a skin splash), a brand new bamboo toothbrush and some non-toxic toothpaste. Bonus: the kids help dad get ready for the day. Take photos.
  3. Dad heads to the gym or the golf course. A fabulous black reusable water bottle is a must, and a non-toxic sunscreen stick is great for the golf bag, non-toxic deodorant for the gym bag. Bonus: tuck some soft reusable cloths in there, too, for wiping away sweat. 
  4. Come home to a woodsy scented hot salt bath to soothe dad's tired muscles. Bonus: serve his favourite drink (scotch on the rocks comes to mind).
  5. Let dad take a nap. Do not skip this step.
  6. Sprinkle some black salt on your bbq dinner and dine alfresco with the whole family. Bonus: serve dad a drink while the kids do the dishes.
  7. Finally, candles and incense signal it's time to chill on the sofa. Dad's pick on Netflix, of course. Bonus: grab an antioxidant oil and rub Dad's feet.