Stainless Steel Drinking Jar Lid

Turn any wide-mouth canning jar into the perfect spill-proof container for water, juice, smoothies, bulk food storage, and so much more. The silicone plug makes a tight seal, making sure that not a drop is lost. Screw it on your jar, pop in the plug, and use it any way you’d like!



Available in coral and brown. Wide mouth and Regular Mouth size

The stainless steel lids are non-reactive and can be used with hot or cold beverages with no worry of chemical leach. Fits any regular or wide mouth canning jar, turning it into a to-go cup. The plug is attached to a silicone band that slides over the jar, so you won’t lose it.


304 stainless steel and FDA-grade silicone. 

Swap for

Single-use cups.


Wash with warm soapy water.



The stainless steel part of the lid is 100% recyclable with metal recycling. Remove silicone gasket and once burned, the ash of silicone can be composted!

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