Silicone 3 piece Dish Set


No more looking for lids for your containers.Meals that zip up, sit up, and heat up? Yes, please! These reusable food-grade bags can be used for food prep, lunches, leftovers, crafting, and more. No more looking for lids for your containers.



3 colour options: Teal, Frost, and Lavender.

Set includes:
one each of:
Small: 7"" x 3"" x 4""
Medium: 8"" x 3.5"" x 4.5""
Large: 9"" x 4"" x 5"".

Food grade silicone. Available in a convenient nesting set.


Swap for

Plastic baggies and other plastic containers.


 Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe


Can be recycled at silicone recycling facilities.

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