Hi, we’re Nicole and Aleks. 

We first met as new moms in our neighbourhood park, and immediately bonded over our love for the planet, healthy foods and spiritual living. Aleks is a holistic nutritionist with a background in biochemistry, and Nicole is holistic health coach and former elementary school teacher.

Nicole's journey towards a holistic lifestyle began just before her first daughter was born when she started making homemade balms and salves in her kitchen. That led to a desire to help people beyond just her own products. Meanwhile, Aleks had similarly made a decision to live more consciously after becoming pregnant with her son. Having both taken steps towards living a healthier, less-waste lifestyle, we started thinking about ways in which we could create a community that would encourage others to do the same. Two years later, Stalk was born. 

Stalk is an extension of our own homes, bringing you simple, fuss-free ideas for eco-conscious living. Small acts can make a big impact and Stalk wants to help you along the way. 

Nicole & Aleks