Moisturizing Baby Oil


Jai Baby Joy Moisturizing Massage Oil gently glides over baby's jubilant skin, infusing it with fresh vanilla beans dipped in smooth coconut crème, golden jojoba, toning lemon, and lulling lavender. .

Sweet for baby and beautifying for the family, Jai Baby Joy Moisturizing Massage Oil is a lovely massage oil for grownup faces, tiny toes, and pregnant tummies. For soft, supple post-bath skin and an incredibly kissable post-shave face, indulge in the delicious delicacy of Jai Baby Joy!


50ml Glass Bottle

Directions: Smooth on baby after a bath or a diaper change. A lulling massage oil for the baby or the baby's family. Slide it on faces, after baths, on pregnant tummies and breasts. It is superb for after shaving faces and legs.


Jojoba- Oil, Vanilla Oil, Coco Crème Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil


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End of Life

Bottle can be reused or recycled with other like products.

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