Bamboo Nursing/ nipple Pads - Bundle of 4


Super soft, comfortable and reusable, these nursing pads are made with two absorbent layers of organic bamboo cotton. There are a bevy of benefits to using bamboo cloth wipes: it’s naturally antimicrobial, requires less energy, water and space to grow than cotton and is hypo-allergenic, making it great for sensitive skin.

The pure white polyester fleece layer on the outside stops leaks from getting through. Use while breastfeeding-insert inside your bra to absorb leaking milk.



 Handmade in Canada.


100% organic bamboo.

Swap for

Disposable nursing pads.



To reach max absorbency, wash and dry two or three times before use. Machine wash cold or warm with like colours, dry in dryer.  We recommend washing these in our mesh bag!

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