Heavy flow Menstrual Pad


Made with 100% organic cotton, these environmentally friendly pads provide period protection during heavier flows, or the middle of your cycle. They’re free of any harmful chemicals and plastics, comfortable to wear and odour-free. Great for heavy days. 


Black. "1 pad in a canister. Includes travel/wash pouch 9”x 3” period pad ".

Made in Canada.

Just place them in your underwear, and strap the wings in place with the EasyWing™ hook and loop closure system. Certified eco-friendly 100% organic cotton.


100% Organic Cotton / recycled polyester attachment


Swap for

Other pad options that contain harmful chemicals and plastics.


Once used, you may rinse them out if you wish, or simply throw them in directly with your regular wash or in a mesh garment bag. Make sure you close the EasyWing™ hook and loop closure prior to washing.


Pads are compostable, cut out velcro piece to be recycled with textile

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