Cloth Wipe Cleaning Bits


These cloth wipe solution cubes are an easy way to replace disposable wipes—just add water! Place one cube in a large mason jar and fill it with hot tap water. Alternatively, place one cube into two cups of water in a microwave-safe container and heat up for 10-15 seconds at a time until melted. Shake up the solution and evenly distribute the melted soap in the mixture. Use the solution over wipes or keep it in a spray bottle to use one wipe at a time. Keep a handful of dry wipes and a spray bottle of solution in the diaper bag.



One jar contains 30 bits.


Unscented castile soap, organic coconut oil, water and tea tree oil. One mason jar of solution lasts about one week’s worth of wipes.


Swap for

Along with our reusable Bamboo cloths: Single-use wet wipes.



Store them in a dry place.

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