Food Huggers - Avocado (set of two)


Keep your cut fruit, veggies, and open containers covered with Food Huggers. This food wraps come in five sizes and seal all sorts of fruits and veggies like bananas, cucumbers, limes, onions, and tomatoes. But that’s not all – you can even use them to seal mason jars and other canned goods. Just pick the size that meets your needs. 

Choose from our two sets of round huggers in gradient green or a rainbow of colours from purple to Yellow and our set made especially for avocados. 



Food grade silicone.

Avocado set comes with two avocado shaped food huggers in large and small.


Swap for

Plastic baggies, foil, and other food wraps.



Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


Recyclable where silicone is accepted

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