Dish Brush


Wash your dishes with this beautiful wooden dish brush made using plant-based tampico fibre bristles, which are great for getting into those tough spots on dishes and pans. Bonus: the head is replaceable and compostable.


Wooden handle plus one brush head.  Shown with replacement brush head, sold separately. 


Made with untreated Beechwood, Tampico Fibre, steel. 


Swap for

Plastic sponges.


Wash with soap and water, and then hang to dry.


For Brush Head: remove the Tampico bristles from the head with pliers and remove staples from the base of the bristles. Compost wooden head and Tampico bristles, and recycle all metal staples with metal recycling or single stream recycling. For Brush Handle: Separate the metal parts from the wood. Compost wooden handle, and recycle metal parts with metal recycling or single stream recycling.

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