Recycled ECO Crayons: dinosaurs, flowers, zoo animals, stars, or stick


These fun crayons are 100% recycled, courtesy of the National Crayon Recycle Program, and produced using solar power! Not only are they great for colouring for all ages, but they also help save our landfills.

Choose from flowers, dinosaurs, zoo animals, stick crayons in solid colours, stick crayons in two colours blended together, or the big box of stars.



Flowers, dinosaurs & zoo animals approximate dimensions: 5" x 6.5". Each comes in a box of 5. 

Stick Crayons box of 8

Stars: Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 2. Box of 16.

100% animal-safe, handmade, palm oil-free and upcycled. 


Swap for

Other brands of crayons.


Leave out of direct sunlight.


The box is 100% backyard compostable and recyclable in paper recycling. These crayons can be recycled again through The National Crayon Recycle Program.

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