Freshness Extending Produce Bags


Store your vegetables in these damp cloth bags to keep them fresh and crisp in a breathable, high-humidity environment. The organic cotton will keep produce vibrant for up to two weeks. Wet the bag, then wring it out. Rinse your vegetables and store. Dampen as necessary.



Organic un-dyed french terry cotton. The Standard (11x2) Original Vejibag is great for carrots, cucumbers, peppers, baby spinach or heads of lettuce. The Large (11”x17”) keeps kale, celery, zucchini and leafy heads of lettuce or larger amounts of loose leafy greens. Machine wash w/unscented detergent, line or air dry.


Swap for

Plastic produce bags.



These bags can be used over and over again. Simply compost when their life comes to an end.

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