Mushroom Milk Blend


Just when you thought you’ve heard it all when it comes to milks and the alternatives, we throw in another one- Mushroom Milk! Mushroom Milk is a delicious blend of dehydrated organic coconut milk and 6 medicinal mushroom extract powders (chaga and reishi dual extract, lions mane, maitake, cordyceps, and turkey tail) is a creamy, nourishing instant beverage with immune and adaptogenic support. 


70 grams.

Mushroom Milk can be consumed in a number of ways as a nourishing cold or hot tonic! For your morning ritual, add 1-2 tablespoons to your coffee, tea or smoothie for a delicious added boost of coconut and mushroom power. It also pairs well with banana-based smoothies. For an electrolyte-rich, energizing sports drink, add 1 tablespoon to a cup of cold or hot water. Option to add honey or maple syrup to taste. Shake well (mason jars or water bottles are great for this purpose) and enjoy while exercising, as an afternoon pick-me-up, appetite suppressant, or anytime you’re craving a boost of energy.



coconut milk powder (cocos nucifera, tapioca, acacia gum), cinnamon, reishi and chaga dual extract, coriolus extract, cordyceps extract, lion's mane extract, maitake extract.

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wild harvested or certified organic. 


Keep in a cool place 


All packaging is recyclable. Or reuse the glass jar for other goodies around your home.

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