Nail Brush


Keep nails clean and tidy with this double-sided nail brush that’s both chic and comfortable to hold. Handmade in Sweden by visually impaired craftsmen, it uses an old Swedish technique and is oil-treated in oak and tampico fibre (the material is elastic and waterproof, but stiff enough to clean nails). The shorter, stiffer brushes on top help easily get under the nails to remove dirt.



This nail brush comes in two sizes. Regular ( adult hands) and small ( travel size) which is perfect for little hands and on the go 

Full size: Length 10 cm. Width 4 cm. Height 3cm

Travel size: Length 6,5 cm. Width 3,5 cm. Height 3,5 cm




Bristles: Tampico Fiber.

Handle: Oak wood.


Swap for

Plastic and synthetic fiber nail brushes.



Store in a dry place.

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