NakedSwab Reusable Swab

No more plastic cases, and no more plastic sticks. The NakedSwab Bamboo Collection is the better reusable, sustainable & sanitary alternative to Q-Tips. 

Nakedswabs come in a compact case that replaces over 200 single- use cotton swabs! With both your needs and our plant in mind, Nakedswabs are made with medical grade silicone, 100% bamboo handles, and come with alternative tips for optimal use. Whether you’re touching up your makeup or cleaning your outer ear.


1 NakedSwab = 2000 cotton swab

4 pack: 2 textured tip swabs, 2 rounded/ pointed tip swabs

Medical grade, sanitary silicone  tip

Eco-friendly, sustainable 100% bamboo handle and travel case

Swap for

single use  swabs


Rinse after use with water and soap for a quick and easy clean

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