Soap Loofah


Made out of natural loofah (also known as luffa or loofa, a plant that’s a member of the gourd family), this soap dish serves a dual purpose. It keeps soaps dry by collecting wet soap and water on the underside of the cushion, and can be used again to clean the sink.


2 cushions per pack.

Weight 7 gram. Length 12.5 cm. Width 8.3 cm. Height 0.3 cm. 

This loofah is organically and sustainably cultivated in Spain. No spraying is used and irrigation is done using natural rain and recycled thermal water. During manufacturing, no chemicals are used, but only 43-degree thermal water softens the fiber.


100% natural loofah.


Swap for

Plastic soap dishes.




This soap cushion is compostable.

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