Thong Liner


Organic and washable, these thong liners are designed for everyday protection and are comfortable to wear. They come with an EasyWing™ pull 'n seal (hook and loop) no-nonsense closure system. They’re also odour-free and free of any harmful chemicals and plastics.




4 liners per pack. 5” x 2” pad.

Made in Canada.

Use when bleeding or as extra protection. Simply attach to your underwear. Certified eco-friendly 100% organic cotton.


Swap for

Panty liners that contain harmful chemicals and plastics.



Attach the velcro together, and simply wash the pads exactly like you would your panties. Even if you pop it in the dryer, there’s no shrinkage!



Pads are compostable, cut out velcro piece to be recycled with textile

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