Toilet Brush with Stand


This beautiful wooden toilet cleaner and stand comes with a  plastic-free and compostable toilet brush.

Replacement brushes are available in the shop.



Brush:  37 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm / 14.5"" x 3"" x 3"".

Stand:  25 x 12.7 cm / 9.8"" x 5"".

This toilet brush bristles are made of Tampico fiber.

The wooden handle and wooden holder are made of untreated beechwood.

The ceramic dish is made of terracotta clay.


Swap for

Plastic toilet bowl cleaners.



 The brush should not smell or become moldy if it is allowed to air dry completely between uses. The brush and stand are made of unfinished wood so please do not let them stand in water for extended periods of time or warping can occur.


This toilet brush should last forever, but the brush, the handle, and the holder can be composted. The ceramic dish, broken or whole can be reused as drainage for potted plants.

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